View Artina Luxury Villa Zante Zakynthos Greece

We welcome you to our place, Zakynthos.

Our family’s origins come from the scenic village of Keri, a few minutes from Artina Villa. Keri is not only our place of origin, but a place of inspiration and special contact with the nature, the sea, its aromas, its flavors and its tunes, a unique experience we want to share with you.

That is why we created Artina, a luxury residence built largely on our own, with special love to this place and the environment.

We borrowed the name “Artina” from the rare species of seagulls that perch and build their nests on the steep cliffs of the rocks embracing the Ionian Sea, just below the house.

Within your stay experience at Artina Villa we would like to share with you a little bit of the aura of this magical place and its people, blending the unique beauty of the scenery with the minimal luxury and the comfort of a modern residence.

Welcome to Artina Luxury Villa!